Senators push new commercial UAV law…

Fortune issued an article on May 13th titled, “Could drone-filled skies soon be a reality? Senators push bill legalizing commercial drones,” by Clay Dillow.

The article discusses how Sen. Cory Booker, D-N.J., and Sen. John Hoeven, R-N.D. are pushing the Commercial UAS Modernization Act.  The article states that the Act will help expedite the process for achieving commercial certification taking some of the burden off the FAA who is bogged down processing exemptions and not working towards a final solution.  The Act provides some common sense provisions that will help companies who are focusing on R&D such as Amazon, who innovate faster than regulation can be processed.  For example, it states it could take a year to get a specific drone approved, and by the time it is approved, Amazon will have moved on to the next iteration requiring recertification.  The new Act is supposed to help alleviate this issue. Overall, I think it is an interesting article, and I give it Icon Icon Icon (3 drones out of 5).

My Take – This post is great follow up to my previous post on how we lag behind Europe with regulation, and we need to move faster.  I haven’t read the Act yet, but the effort sounds promising, and since it is being endorsed by the Consumer Electronics Association, robotics industry group AUVSI, and the Small UAV Coalition, I will trust that it at least, means well in principle.

What’s your take?