How did “Drones” get their name…it has been around longer than you think?

I thought it was interesting that even Merriam-Webster, the encyclopedia company, is getting in on the drone craze and put an article on their website titled, “Drones Are Everywhere Now, But How Did They Get Their Name?”

The article discuss how the word “drone” which has two definitions, can be characterized by a “male bee” or a “monotonous, sustained sound” and it has been used as the catch word for unmanned vehicles since the World War II era.  The sound it makes is a given with the name, but the article explains that the word fits, because drone bees are heavier than other bees, they don’t collect honey or protect the hive, and their sole purpose is to impregnate the queen (if you are a bee, it’s not a bad gig).  And that the bee’s mindless, driven existence is much like the UAVs today.  Well except the impregnating part, that’s a future I don’t think anyone would embrace.  The article is a fun read and I give it  Icon Icon Icon  (3 drones out of 5).

My Take – Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are consider to be the proper designation for drones in the industry.  However, the word “drone” has become synonymous with these vehicles and it has become the most recognizable in the general public and media.  Love it or hate it, I think the name will continue to stick for a long, long time.

What’s your take?