My name is Patrick J. Walsh, I am an entrepreneur and drone enthusiast. As the world is starting to see, the commercial UAV or “drone” industry is quickly evolving and taking off like a rocket ship and I want to be along for the ride. I created this blog to both summarize and provide my take on the latest news relating to the drone industry. The goal was to create a meaningful dialogue on the latest drone developments, get involved with the community, and enhance my expertise in the space.

I am married to my childhood sweetheart and we have 3 young kids whose lives I am sure will be greatly impacted by drone technology. I grew up in Western New York, I had a passion for aerospace at an early age, and I attended Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) to become an engineer. There I achieved both a Bachelor’s and a Master’s degree in Aerospace / Mechanical Engineering. Upon graduation, I was hired by Lockheed Martin and was fortunate enough to spend the first decade of my career at our nation’s top defense company. My journey started in operations management and then transitioned into business development. I mainly specialized on electro-optical infrared targeting systems and advanced sensors. During my time there, I was able to leverage a great leadership development program that afforded me the opportunity to earn an MBA, which I achieved from Crummer Business School at Rollins College.

I moved on from Lockheed to pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations and today, I am a Managing Partner for a boutique form of private equity called a Search Fund. My business partner and I are investor backed entrepreneurs looking to acquire a great small to mid-sized business that aligns with our passions. We are actively searching for companies that are either in, adjacent to, or pivoting towards the drone industry. Please visit our website, www.lakeside-mp.com to learn more and if you know of a company that could be a great fit, please let us know. For more information on my professional background, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

I am also a novice Drone Pilot. I received my first drone for Christmas 2014 (thanks Mom & Dad!), a DJI Phantom FC40, and it was great. It was the perfect first drone for me, I was able to hone my piloting skills, and it cemented my passion for the drone world. I recently ordered the new Phantom 3 Advanced, it should be a huge upgrade, and I can’t wait to get it!  I will be sure to share my thoughts and hopefully some great photos as soon as I can get it in the air.

I hope you enjoy my Blog and I look forward to your comments and feedback!



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